Acne & Scars

Acne & Scars

If you’ve tried cosmetics and skin gels(Non-prescription) for acne and they haven’t helped you then you must come to skinlogics. Our dermatologists help you to control your acne without damaging your skin. We also work on the scars left by difficile pimples. In our acne medication, We try to reduce oil production, bacterial infection and inflammation which helps prevent acne. 



Laser Treatment For Scar

In our laser treatment, we use Fraxis DUO which has a combined technology consisting of a CO2 laser and microneedle RF.


Microdermabrasion (MDA)

It is completely non-painful procedure, one will only feel a small amount of suction coming out of the handheld device.


Chemical Peel

Chemical peels and laser targets melanin pigmented areas. These melanin pigments originate Melasma. 

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