Anti Ageing Facials

Anti Ageing Facials

What is it?

Anti-ageing facials slow down the ageing process. It helps to make skin younger, glowing and wrinkle-free. Vitamin infused serums make skin even better.

Anti Ageing Facials at Skinlogics

 Age reversal Facial

Now! You don’t need to lie about your age to anyone. Allow your face to do so. Age reversal facial brings back your Skin’s charm and beauty. It provides a fresh natural look to your face. It helps in removing wrinkles from your face, Fill under-eye area and lift your skin. At Skinlogics, We try to give you back that old natural look. We try to highlight your cheekbones and neck line and remove wrinkles from your face completely. It also helps to hide dark circles and extra lines from your forehead. Age reversal facial helps in to bring your back younger, soft and glowing skin without any side effects.

Age Lock Facial

Age lock facials include:

  • Medical Facials
  • Photo Facials
  • Laser-based Treatments
  • Light-Based Treatments
  • Bio dynamic Therapies

These facials help in to lock the moisture of the skin which slow down further ageing. It maintains the skin by reducing fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, dark circles, under-eye lines and also helps in maintaining even skin tone. As per suggested by the dermatologist according to your skin type you can take this facial on the interval of every two months or three months.

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