Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal by Professionals

What is it?

Hair removal with traditional methods is the most expansive and painful procedures. Laser hair removal has replaced these traditional methods. If you are taking LHR therapy from a trained professional, It is the safest method for hair removal. The best part of LHR is, It can be done for all age groups, all genders and on all areas of the body. There is no side effect or pain so is value for money and skin-friendly.


LHR is a tested method which is safe for specific body parts or full body. Lasers specifically target dark, coarse hair and destroy it. Laser hair removal makes your skin silky soft without damaging it.

LHR is useful for chin, upper lips and other areas of the face. Those patients who are having excessive and thick hair growth on any body part can take LHR treatment. It is also helpful for long term beard designing and eyebrow designing.

Benefits of LHR

  • Permanent hair reduction
  • Cheaper than traditional hair removal methods
  • No side effects
  • No pain
  • Makes skin silky smooth


The result may vary from person to person. It will take more sessions if you have excessive growth of hair. Generally, In 6-8 sessions we achieve 80-90% reduction. Always take appropriate medications by dermatologists for PCOD while taking laser treatment. At Skinlogics, We assess the right skin type and then we start laser treatment accordingly with the help of US FDA approved laser machine. If we talk about the side effects of laser treatment, you may experience redness and temporary pigmentation. So there is no side effect associated with laser hair reduction.

Laser hair removal in Noida

laser hair removal in noida

Nowadays, people are very conscious about their looks. Everybody is constantly trying to improve their looks by whatsoever means. One of them is the LHR procedure, which cleans up any extra hair growth from the body. Some people have got extra facial hair and some have got extra hair growth on other parts of the body and they search for laser hair removal in Noida. Among many Laser hair removal in Noida services, you obviously want to visit the best and want full satisfaction. Skin logics Noida is one of the many laser hair removal in Noida services, which is performed by professional dermatologists.

Every dermatologist in skin logics Noida is qualified enough to perform these treatments. It is a pain-less procedure which will give you a clean skin and which ultimately boosts your confidence. Our dermatologists have good years of experience in performing these services and you will not experience any kind of problems during your scheduled time. In just a matter of few months you will get your desired skin which you can show off and enjoy with.

Always a good dermatologist is recommended by everyone, and we can assure you about this. You will get 100% satisfaction in your end result.

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