Growth Factor Therapy For Hair

Growth Factor Therapy For Hair

If you are experiencing hair fall, thin hair and bald patches of the scalp, then growth factor therapy is for you. It is the most natural method to grow new hair, stop hair fall, improve hair thickness and volume and cover the bald patches of the scalp.

What is it?

In this method, Centrifugation is used to separate platelets from the patient’s blood. To obtain the growth factors, These platelets are treated with growth factor releasing solution. This growth factor serum is rich in platelets and growth factors. These growth factors help in new hair follicle growth and improve scalp condition.

At Skinlogics, we identify the degree of hair loss and then advise the required number of sessions. It is recommended to take growth factor therapy sessions once in three months. As the patient’s blood is used for hair growth, So there are no side effects occur.

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