Lip Lightening

Lip Lightening

What is it?

Dark lips! The most common problem faced by most of the men and women in India. Reasons could be anything such as genetics, heredity, smoking, cosmetic application or extra melanin deposited in the lip area. 

1. Lip Peeling: In this procedure, we use natural extracts to lighten the lips colour. It takes 4-6 sessions to complete the process.

2. Micro-Pigmentation: We use vegetable-derived pigments of different natural pink shades which are used to match your skin tone. It helps to create a permanent hue of pink lip colour.

3. Laser Lip Lightning: If you have brown or black lip shade and you’ve used everything to make it lighter but not getting a satisfactory result, then you are at the perfect place. At SkinLogics, we use laser light to treat the lip area, which selectively blasts the melanin pigment of the lip skin. Depending on the darkness of the lips,3-6 sessions may be required.

4. Lip Skin Resurfacing: If you have dry and rough lips with the uneven colour tone, then you require lip skin resurfacing. This treatment provides smooth and nourished lips with natural but better lip shade.

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