Skin Brightening & Pigmentation

Skin Brightening & Pigmentation

Skin Brightening & Pigmentation Removal:We all desire clear skin and perfect complexion. But due to sun exposure, hormonal changes and free radicals, your skin faces many problems like uneven skin tone, pigmentation, dark spots, etc.

We use laser skin resurfacing to remove the skin layer by layer with precision. After identifying skin type, we do our laser treatment which helps to reduce melanin which makes your skin brighter. Also, new skin cells form which makes your skin healthier and younger. This procedure can be done through laser treatment or sometimes cosmetic surgeries if required.

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Bikini and Underarm Brightening

At Skinlogics, with the help of laser, we clean the unwanted hair of bikini and underarm area. It takes 6-8 sessions to make these areas completely clean


Melasma treatment

Melasma is a chronic pigmentation disorder in which black and brown patches can be seen on the face. Melasma mainly targets cheeks, Forehead, Upper area of eyebrows and nose.


Freckles & Lentigens

Freckles are light brown macules that predominantly affect light‐skinned individuals and occur on sun‐exposed areas, particularly the face and the dorsa of the hands and forearms. Only occasionally are freckles seen in persons with dark complexions.


Tan Removal

In this method, we remove dead cells and pigment dark skin. It helps to make the skin tone lighter and brighter. This method is risk-free and has no side effects.

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